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Fiesta Arts Fair - Fiesta San Antonio
The Arts Fair has been around since 1973. It's one of the quieter "major" Fiesta events, with attendance pegged around 10,000 over two days every year. You don't have to be an art snob to enjoy the Fiesta Arts Fair, although you'll find some serious art here, along with more whimsical offerings. Food and music are also offered.

2009 Dates: Saturday-Sunday, April 18-19
Time: Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Location: Southwest School of Art and Craft, 300 Augusta
In brief: 130 vendors vie to decorate your life
Tickets: There is an admission charge for all but children 5 and under. Ticket info here.
More Info: Visit the Fiesta Arts Fair Website or call (210) 224-1848.

What kind of art will I see?
The range of art and artists is reflective of the Southwest School's multidisciplinary focus. You'll see jewelry from local and regional artists, photography that brings images from around the globe, plus ceramics, paintings, and even wearable art.

Should I bring cash?
That might make the impulse buying a little easier, but many of the artists do take credit cards. Though there are some high-priced items at the Fair, a lot of the items seem priced for impulse buys - you can walk away with a sizable percentage of the offerings for $50 or $100 each.

How is it different from what I see at street fairs?
While you might see a few of the Fiesta Arts Fair vendors at the King William Fair the weekend after, a number of the vendors aren't part of the street fair circuit, especially those with a more serious artistic bent. While the Fiesta Arts Fair does offer art you can display in your front yard or around your neck, it also carries pieces worthy of that special spot in your living room.

Will my kids be bored?
Though many Fiesta events claim to be kid-friendly, the Fiesta Arts Fair is one that truly delivers. The children's area contains a cornucopia of art supplies, and it's located in one of the most picturesque parts of the Southwest School's Ursuline Campus.

What about food and music?
There are food stands at the Fiesta Arts Fair, and live bands play under a tent near the main entrance, but this isn't NIOSA. Most people attending this festival might grab a quick bite and listen to the music for a few minutes, but after that, it's back to walking along the perimeter of booths.

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