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King William Fair - Fiesta San Antonio
The King William Fair takes place in the King William Historical District, an area south of Downtown replete with gargantuan Greek Revival and Victorian homes (many open for tours). The fair features arts and crafts, music and food, plus Kids Kingdom with rides and games. And it all kicks off with what the locals call "the funkiest parade of Fiesta."

2009 Date: Saturday, April 25
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location: King William Historical District south of Downtown
In brief: A day-long festival in Funkytown
Tickets: Admission is $5 for adults; children under 17 get in free
More Info: Visit the King William Association Website or call (210) 271-3247.

What is the parade like?
The parade, of course, is not the showy spectacle of Flambeau or Battle of Flowers, but it's a fun, funky, small-townish event worthy of viewing if you can make the 10 a.m. start time. The parade follows Madison Street, King William Street, Guenther Street, and Washington Street, featuring everything from the Brackenridge High School Band to dog-walkers to the stubbly, bedheaded Miss Southtown drag queens.

Where do I park?
If you arrive early enough, there may be spots in Baja King William, the neighborhood bordered by S. Alamo St., Guenther Street, Eagleland, and S. St. Mary's, but these are quickly snatched up by parade goers. The one place you won't be able to find parking (or even access the roads by car) is in King William proper - in fact, the parade route and adjacent streets are shut down for the 24 hours surrounding the festival, starting Friday evening.

Who books the talent?
Although the King William Neighborhood Association is responsible for the official talent and the staging of the parade, some of the neighborhood residents take matters into their own hands and have musicians play in their front yards. These are most prevalent in front of the colossal homes on King William Street. The main stage is located in King William Park, but given the population of the neighborhood and their tradition for art parties, you may see unofficial events going on in unexpected places.

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