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More Big Events During Fiesta San Antonio - Page 2
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Mariachi Festival
• 2009 Dates: April 21-Friday, April 22
• Time: 7-10 p.m. daily
• Location: River Walk, River Bend and extension of Paseo Del Rio
• In brief: Running concurrently with NIOSA, the Mariachi Festival is maybe the one Fiesta event more "San Antonio" than even NIOSA. Professional, college, and high school mariachi bands parade down the Paseo del Rio in decorated floats, and play as they go. Want to impress those around you with your mariachi knowledge? The guitarrones are the large bass guitars with four or five strings, and the requintos are the more-familiar six-string guitars.

Battle of Flowers Band Festival
• 2009 Date: April 23
• Time: 7 p.m. (with prelude at 6:30 p.m.)
• Location: Alamo Stadium
• In brief: Do you like halftime? If so, this is the show for you, featuring more than 30 high school marching bands doing what they do best. Expect marching, baton twirling, and Sousa-styled, upbeat, patriotic music. This event culminates in a fireworks show to punctuate the patriotic mood. One of the prime attractions of the event, especially for visitors, is the venue — Alamo Stadium is one of the most unique structures in the city, and according to those who follow Texas high school football like a religion, one of the most pristine shrines to pigskin in the state. Tickets are cheap even if purchased at the gate.

fiesta pooch parade
Colorfully clad canine during Fiesta Pooch Parade.

Credit: stephcarter/flickr
Fiesta Pooch Parade
• 2009 Date: April 25
• Time: 8 a.m.-noon
• Location: Starts from Alamo Heights Swimming Pool, 250 Viesca
• In brief: This parade of pooches is a true neighborhood event. It's a massive, early morning dog walk that begins and ends at the Alamo Heights Swimming Pool, winding for three miles through one of the city's most stately and peaceful neighborhoods. You'll see some happy pooches wearing their Fiesta party garb.

Fiesta San Fernando
• 2009 Dates: April 23-Sunday, April 27
• Time: Thursday 6 p.m.-midnight, Friday noon-midnight, Saturday noon-1 a.m., Sunday noon-8 p.m.
• Location: San Fernando Cathedral, 115 Main Plaza
• In brief: At 260 years old, San Fernando is the oldest cathetdral sanctuary in the United States. An annual tradition, the Fiesta San Fernando is, in essence, a typical San Antonio church festival for a particularly important and tourist-worthy church. Food and drink will be available, along with live entertainment arts and crafts booths. Admission is free; proceeds from other sales benefit the restoration of the cathedral.

A Day In Old Mexico and Mexican Charreada
• 2009 Dates: April 19 and April 26
• Time: Noon-7 p.m., Mexican rodeo starts at 3 p.m.
• Location: San Antonio Charro Association, 6126 Padre Drive
• In brief: The colorful Charreada riders are a major attraction of the Battle of Flowers parade - there's just something about women in colorful and traditional Mexican dresses, riding sidesaddle, that screams "take my picture." At this Mexican version of the rodeo, you can see Charreada riders show off their equestrian skills, and get a much better view of them here than you would at the parade. The festival's also designed for you to indulge your appetite for Mexican food and immerse yourself in folklorico music.

Fiesta in Blue
• 2009 Dates: April 21 and April 23
• Time: 7-9 p.m.
• Location: Trinity University, Laurie Auditorium, 715 Stadium Drive
• In brief: If you're looking for a patriotic event or if you're looking for a free event removed from the hustle and bustle of the Fiesta festivals, you might consider this Air Force-sponsored salute to San Antonio. The United States Air Force Band of the West, hailing from Lackland Air Force Base, performs at this free concert and military tribute. Logging 125,000 miles a year on extensive tours throughout the nation, the Band of the West can count several American presidents among its audience. Though the event is free, it is ticket-controlled.

A Taste of the Northside
• 2009 Date: April 22
• Time: 5:30-10:30 p.m.
• Location: The Club at Sonterra, 902 Sonterra Blvd.
• In Brief: A little more upscale than most Fiesta events, A Taste of the Northside offers attendees samples of the best wines, beers and foods from local restaurants. You'll also get live music, and it all takes place outdoors under the stars. It's a little pricey - tickets start at $25 - but the food, wine and beer are included in the ticket price.

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