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Jefferson Haunted Hotels
Staying in Jefferson Haunted Hotels
Here are some of the Jefferson haunted hotels reputed to have ghosts as permanent guests. Check the Texas Travel Reservations page to search for room rates.

Jefferson is sometimes called "the most haunted small town in Texas." If you're a believer in ghosts you're sure to find plenty of spooky tales here - Jefferson's interesting past makes sure of that.

And then there's the sometimes-eerie Caddo Lake, whose moss-draped cypress trees and the noises of unseen critters can put a fright in anybody (take a night tour with Caddo Outback if you really want to experience Caddo at its spookiest).

We have never experienced anything otherworldly in Jefferson, unless you count the goodies at The Fudge Shop on Walnut Street. But plenty of people - and not of all them working for the Visitors Bureau - say that spirits dwell in some of Jefferson's best-known lodging establishments.

Excelsior House
211 W. Austin St., 75657
The Excelsior House has been in continuous operation since the 1850s. Among is guests over the years have been President Ulysses S. Grant, railroad mogul Jay Gould and President Rutherford B. Hayes. Another room is named for Lady Bird Johnson. We can't direct you to a page on the hotel's website that goes into its alleged hauntings because this is one allegedly haunted hotel that doesn't play it up. But we can tell you the Jay Gould Room is supposedly the most haunted and includes a rocking chair that some guests say sometimes rocks on its own! Be sure to read the guest registers in each room, especially the Jay Gould Room if you are lucky enough to spend a night.

Jefferson Hotel
124 W. Austin St., 75657
Almost directly across the street from Excelsior House is the Jefferson Hotel. The Jefferson is not so shy about touting its fulltime spirit residents. A "whispering woman" makes Room 14 one of the hotel's most-requested among ghost buffs, while Room 19 is considered the most "active." But if you believe the Jefferson's website (and perhaps its more gullible guests), just about every room here has a ghost story to tell.

Claiborne House
312 S. Alley St., 75657
Does it seem right that a B&B that includes a day spa is supposedly haunted? Doesn't seem right to us. But maybe the ghosts just need a rubdown. The ghost of the inn's namesake, Capt. V.H. Claiborne, who built the house in 1872, allegedly still roams the halls.

McKay House
306 E. Delta St., 75657
The proprietors of this stately B&B, and some of their guests over the years, have reported the kinds of things that have come to associated with "haunted" houses: footsteps in empty hallways, odd noises, odors and occurrences, a baby crying in the distance ... the Sunday House, separate from the main house, is a favorite of ghosthunters.

White Manor Oak
502 Benners, 75657
This Greek Revival home was built around 1928 and now welcomes B&B lovers and, some say, spirits. The ghost of a young girl has been reported by some guests, and one guest claimed to have watched the mischievous spirit pull the covers from the bed in the room known as Miss Clara's Room.

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